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HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN - Live Goiania Theater (DVD), Brazil-Heavy-Power-Metal

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HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN - Live at Goiania Theater 2018 (DVD), Heavy-Metal-NWOBHM, Live Concert 2018 w / Symphony Orchestra.

Guests: Ricardo Confessori (Angra, Shaman), Eduardo Ardanuy (Dr Sin), Marcelo Pompeu (Korzus) and Alirio Neto (Age of Artemis.

It is with immense satisfaction that the band * Heaven’s Guardian * thanks for each vote received in the vote for the best of 2018, from the most respected rock and heavy metal magazine in Latin America; the Brazilian Roadie Crew! (

The DVD * Live at Goiânia Theater occupied 2nd place * in the final result of voting for the best of the year in the magazine.

Leaving only behind, the historical documentary Headbangers Voice, about the legendary editorial and print publication Rock Brigade, which also made history with the rock-loving public in Brazil and in the World.

This recognition by the public is absolutely important for the band, through material that has never been seen in Brazil. Here we also extend our thanks to the special guests of this concert: * Alirio Netto @alirio_netto, Edu Ardanuy @eduardanuy Marcello Pompeu @pompeukorzus and Ricardo Confessori @ricardoconfessori who effectively contributed to this recognition.

The band also won individual awards with vocalist Carlos Zema and Olivia Bayer, with guitarist Ericsson Marin and with keyboardist Everton Marin.

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Review of the 2018 Show, which originated the DVD (2019) and the Double CD (2020): Whiplash 06/19/18: Paulo Henrique de Assis Faria

Goiânia was presented on the 1st of June with an excellent concert that brought together Heavy Metal and Classical Music.

The prestigious band from Goiás, HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN recorded their second DVD in partnership with the brilliant Orquestra Sinfônica Jovem de Goiás (OSJG).

This undertaking celebrates the 20 years of existence of the main name of Metal in Goiás. It was more than two hours of pure sound energy and precious participation.

This audacious cultural work is unprecedented in Brazil and was inspired by previous consecrated records of "Metallica & San Francisco Symphony Orchestra" and "Scorpions and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra".

Big names from Metal Brazuca such as: Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin), Marcello Pompeu (Korzus), Ricardo Confessori (Angra and Shaman) and Alírio Netto (Khallice and Age of Artemis) were the special guests.

HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN performed at the traditional Teatro Goiânia - located in the Center of Capital Goiana - to an audience of over 700 people. Carlos Zema returned to the group in which he projected for the scene and was responsible for raising the audience present.

The frontman sang hits of his own making from the first CDs "Roll of Thunder", "Strava" and "D.O.L.L", in addition to sharing the vocals of the newest songs (From the "Signs" album in 2016) with the singer Olivia Bayer.

The first part of the show started in full swing and was highlighted in the performance of the classic "Screams of 1964", which was composed by Zema in reference to the tortures that guitarist Luiz Maurício's father suffered during the Military Dictatorship.

Images of bad-looking soldiers as opposed to protesters calling for amnesty and an end to military repression were providentially displayed on the big screens. At the end Carlos Zema asked - ironically - those present: "Do you think the Dictatorship paid off?"

Other highlights of these first songs came with the rich participation of Alírio Neto and Edu Ardanuy in the fast "Holy Sky" and the cover of Queen, "Show Must Go On".

The union of vocal powers by Zema and Netto combined with Bayer's lyrical and delicate voice.

Mestre Ardanuy has seen in the arrangements and virtuous soils, as usual. His intervention with guitarist Luiz Maurício and Ericsson Marin was very harmonious.

Alírio is not currently in the Queen Extravaganza atoa, sings Mercury like few in the world. Great interpretation of him and two too.

In the second half of the exhibition, I highlight the ballad "Master of Streets", which was one of the first successes of HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN. Zema sang this with his heart and was accompanied in unison by the fans on the theater chairs.

Another special presence was the legend of Metal Nacional Marcelo Pompeu, who produced the guys' last album and sang with Olivia exactly the track he had recorded two years ago: "Silence".

The duo's almost theatrical performance was the highlight. Pompey as always raised the crowd with his already peculiar headbanger animation.

In the thirteenth Ardanuy returned to the stage and performed - brilliantly - riffs and solos from the eighty-nineteen pop hit "The Best", by the great American diva Tina Tuner.

At this point, it was time for Olivia Bayer to shine as a frontwoman. In addition to the musical part of extreme distinction (The combination of Pop, Rock and Scholar always works) there was - in the background - a beautiful clip with the main scenes of consecration of the two greatest sportsmen that Brazil has ever had: Pelé and Ayrton Senna.

The great Ardanuy also performed the subsequent "War", which also counted on Ericsson's precise collaboration on the cello. For those who don't know, the guitarist from Goiás has played this instrument at OSJG for some time.

On the drums, the renowned Ricardo Confessori played - with very little time for rehearsals - accurately and safely all the songs. Thanks also to the partnership with the competent Murilo Ramos on the bass, which enabled the "kitchen" to work very well.

Confessori left the post only in two ("Hope" and "Fighters"), for the current drummer at Heaven's, the young Fellipe Rosso. In fact, in "Hope", I highlight the beautiful violin solo of the soloist of OSJG.

Honorable mention to the creator and composer of almost all arrangements, for all the instruments that the orchestra played, keyboardist Everton Marin. The guy wrote more than 2,000 pages of sheet music and had the live keyboard arpeggiated solos seen. He really made a difference so that everything went as planned.

To finalize and consecrate the night, HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN played, in sequence, three successes, respectively: "Neverland", "Fighters" and "Freedom".

The first of this trio, "Neverland" is for me the best in the band's history. A traditional Power Metal with a lot of Helloween influence, which was made two decades ago. Carlos Zema broke it in the treble of it. The present crowd accompanied him at all times.

Later they sent "Fighters", traditional Heavy Metal that everybody knows and likes. Another one that those present sang together.

And to close everything with a flourish, there was the long and rhythmic "Freedom". Her second act brought the audience into the group's synergy on stage. Entitled to "invasion" of the mascot "Guardian" and everything. They could not finish in a more qualified way.

The HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN, OSJG & Guests DVD is due out at the end of the year. It showed, once again, that Goiás is not just the land of Sertanejo.

It is also home to one of the most competent representatives of Metal in Brazil.

Certainly this audiovisual record will have an emphasis from critics and fans from all over the country, as soon as it is released.

Thank you HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN for providing us with an unforgettable night!


1 - Intro
2 - Dream
3 - Strength
4 - Screams of 1964
5- Holy Sky
6 - Show Must Go On (Versão de sucesso do Queen)
7 - Time
8 - Fantasy
9 - Master of Streets
10 - Hope
11 - Silence
12 - Journey
13 - The Best (Versão do sucesso de Tina Turner)
14 - War
15 - Neverland
16 - Fighters
17 - Freedom


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