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SILENT CRY - Hypnosis (CD) - Brazilian Gothic-Symphonic-Metal

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SILENT-CRY Hypnosis (CD), lançamento em abril de 2016 do seu mais importante empreendimento em vista, após uma pause de 4 anos o quinto CD da banda conta com sete musicas inéditas e uma nova roupagem para a canção "Tragic Memories" do debut "Remembrance".

Pela primeira vez a banda se lança em uma jornada lírica temática onde o personagem "desenvolve" a auto hipnose, interiorizando para se obter o controle absoluto de suas ações independente de vontades e desejos na intenção de encontrar bem estar e paz interior, uma analogia onde o próprio ouvinte pode ser ou não o personagem, metaforicamente trata-se de assuntos íntimos dos mais profundos.

Além disso o CD é todo orquestral e conta com a produção de RICARDO CONFESSORI (Ex-ANGRA) que também assume as baquetas deste grande projeto.

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Current Line-up:

DILPHO CASTRO - Guitars & Male Vocals

SILENT CRY started in 1994 with its first work in the form of a demo tape entitled "Tanatofilo, opulent plenilunio", this demo sounded good Doom Metal which opened many doors, exposing the band to the national metal scene.
In 1995 Suelly Ribeiro was invited to join the group bringing even more possibilities for the band in terms of composition, one of the pioneers in the use of female vocals in Brazil. In 1997 "TEARS OF SERENITY" came out, acclaimed by critics, the demo generates the first contract to launch Debut.

In 1999 comes the official release, the album "REMEMBRANCE" puts the band in a position of recognition in the Brazilian scene, for a differentiated and authentic work within the metal, with a mixture of Doom Metal and Atmosferik Gothic the band continued composing with unique personality , expressing feeling in the form of music.
In 2000 the band released their second work on CD, "GODDESS OF TEARS", continuing the work of the acclaimed "Remembrance", conquering new heights.

In early 2001, the EP "SHADES OF THE LAST WAY ... A PRELUDE OF A NEW BEGIN" was released, as well as a re-release on CD of the second demo "TEARS OF SERENITY".

At the end of 2002, the third CD "DANCE OF SHADOWS" was released and the band continued to tour, performing at events of great importance such as the extinct B.M.U. also next to names like SEPULTURA, EPICA, EVERGREY, ANGRA, AFTER FOREVER, etc ...

After more changes in the line-up in 2005 the band released the acclaimed "DARK LIFE", after so many albums the band saw the need for a DVD that came out in 2008 called "DARK 'N LIVE", the DVD has the audio highly praised by the specialized critics.

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