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DARK AVENGER - Same (Debut CD), Traditional Heavy Metal close to Manowar

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DARK AVENGER - Same (Debut CD), Traditional Heavy Metal close to Manowar & Crimson Glory.

One of the most famous Brazilian power metal bands, by vocalist Mário Linhares, acclaimed worldwide and licensed in Europe, USA and Japan.

For fans of true Heavy Metal and for all those who enjoy the work of DARK AVENGER, this CD means the solidification of the name Dark Avenger in the annals of Brazilian and worldwide heavy metal in addition to the affirmation of DARK AVENGER's dedication to the purest and most faithful Heavy Metal .

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The band was formed in early 1993, when Mário Linhares joined Leonel Valdez and Wagner Marcelo, to form Atena, a band from Brasilia that made a rock 'n roll in the style of "Rock Brasil" (Legião Urbana, Plebe Rude , etc.), singing all the songs in Portuguese.

Dissatisfied with Atena's style, Mário Linhares decides to dedicate himself to the musical style he really liked, which was the 80's Heavy Metal made by bands like Manowar, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Metal Church, etc. and, with the support of Leonel Valdez, the changes begin within the band, starting with the name, which changes from Athena to Rat White, a name given by the ex-guitarist Marcelo, not having that name lasted for a long time, since the Members did not agree with that title. At the suggestion of ex-bassist Wagner Marcelo, Rat White is now called Dark Avenger, as the new compositions were already starting to take a turn towards power metal and traditional metal. The band then decided to compose all of their songs in English and fight for shows (it is worth mentioning that the group never made presentations with any name other than Dark Avenger).

In February 1994 they recorded their first and only demo-tape called "Choose Your Side ... Heaven or Hell", containing four songs "Die Mermaid!", "Half Dead Eyes", "Madelayne" and "Ghost Divinity" and begins to spread the word throughout Brazil, fighting for shows and spaces where they could show their work. They then send such a demo-tape to the magazine "Rock Brigade" where they get an excellent repercussion and, with that, they start receiving thousands of letters from all over Brazil, besides counting on the support of the countless fans who, on their own initiative send copies of the demo-tape for all of Brazil and all over the world, making the name Dark Avenger known everywhere.

They start doing shows in several states all over Brazil and participate in events and festivals, having been winners in several of them, such as: 1st and 2nd places at IV FECA, in Americana - SP (1995), 1st place in Metal World Festival, at Aeroanta - SP (1994), Best Vocalist at Banda Revelation Festival, in Brasilia - DF (1994), Band of the Year, in Brasilia - DF (1997), Revelation Band by Rock Brigade (1996), Best Vocalist (5th on the Rock Brigade 1997 list), etc.

In 1995, with Mário Linhares (vocals), Leonel Valdez and Osiris di Castro (guitars), Gustavo Vieira (bass), Luciano Toledo (drums) and Rafael Galvão (keyboards), they decided to record their first album, sponsored by the Zen Studio of Brasília , containing 11 songs that was very well received by the specialized media and by the fans of Heavy Metal, having received a score of 9 on the Rock Brigade and being considered "one of the best heavy metal records ever released in the last five years", in addition to being article from several magazines and fanzines from Brazil and from different countries such as Argentina (Metallica), Greece (Singing Swords), Japan (Burrn! and Silent Noise), United States, Germany etc.

After two years touring Brazil to promote their first album, Dark Avenger decides to stop to compose his masterpiece; the album "Tales of Avalon", a themed album, divided into: "Tales of Avalon - The Terror" and "Tales of Avalon - The Lament", which tell the epic stories of the magical kingdom of Avalon and Camelot, the passions and intrigues , magic and fanaticism, betrayals and wars that led the kingdom of Avalon to oblivion and the triumph of the Christian religion in the British Isles at the beginning of the Christian era. There are twenty-two songs divided into two albums, which with a singular density, always draw, in the 1st person, all the pictures and actions lived in that period, making the speaker live and feel, before their eyes and with each song, the atmosphere of the time.

Dark Avenger, at the time of this review, was formed by Mário Linhares (vocals), Leonel and Júlio (guitars), FábioPoles (bass), Rafael Galvão (keyboards) and Kayo John (drums), seeks to show that Heavy Metal, with all its primordial magic., it remains strong and alive as never before, and with its own identity, it shows an unusual and daring facet for a metal band from Brazil.

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